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PSB works in the field of civil drainage works and constructions below the ground-water table. Our wide experience means we can offer our customers all-round solutions to all their land containment and drainage problems.

We have the latest and most specific drainage systems and adapt our services to your needs. PSB sells, rents and installs, and we also offer our customers a consultancy service where necessary.

Our Services


The Wellpoint system is indicated for drainage of the ground-water table. Its low installation cost in comparison with other drainage or freeze well systems makes it ideal up to a certain depth.

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Shoring Up

The PSB group firm has shoring up boxes, sliding plates and all types of earth containment systems available. Our Company offers renting services and sales as well as studies for any type of project required

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Sheet Piling

Our company is dedicated to the sale, hire and installation of sheet-piling and vibration equipment. PSB has equipment for the installation of SHEET-FILING using the Power-Pack, Mobile-Ram, Hydro-Press and Hammer methods.

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The SWELL VACUUM pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps from the standard SWELL range with an added vacuum pump which ensures very rapid and continuous priming even in the case of water containing a considerable percentage of air.

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