Industrial Camp

PSB INTERACIONAL has a long history in project management of industrial camps, company canteens and general catering for international companies. We specialize in the planning and realization of comprehensive projects from the design to the planning and construction of remote fields for companies at a global level.

We carry out projects to measure and with the technical specifications required by the contractor adapting the project to international standards and standards.

Our services include:

    • Camp Management
    • Housekeeping
    • Laundry
    • Facilities maintenance
    • Landscaping Services
    • Management of stores and bars in the Campus
    • Introduction and maintenance of control measures
    • Supply and maintenance of:
      • Purification plants
      • Drinking water
      • Storage
      • Energy Generation and Distribution


Technical Properties

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Flexible combination: The container house can be linked freely at length, width and heightthrough the linking kits for bigger structure and different layout.
Flat package: The standard house can be packed in one package, including roof structure, floor, wall panels, doors, windows and interior decoration.
.Economic transportation: 4sets of the flat package could replace the shipping space of one 20ft container to save the transport cost and time. The forklift pockets on the cabin structure enables forklift capability and the corner casting structure enables lifting capability.
.Fast installation: The standard house can be packed in one package for quick material collection, and four workers can erect 5unit per day.
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