Sheet Piling

Our company is dedicated to the sale, hire and installation of sheet-piling and vibration equipment.

PSB has equipment for the installation of SHEET-FILING using the Power-Pack, Mobile-Ram, Hydro-Press and Hammer methods. These systems are used depending on the type of land and prevent possible landslides. This not only enables drainage and construction work, but also acts as a determining factor in the prevention of occupational hazards.

PSB has a technical department for consultancy services and the preparation of specific projects which may be required for the development of the various studies.

  The Mobile-Ram system is composed of a self-propelled machine with a telescopic mast to which various accessories are fitted. The sheet- piling is thrust into position by high vibration and the plate is inserted to the desired depth. The Mobile-Ram system favours directional thrusting, since the vibrator moves along a mast that can be adjusted along three axes.
  The Power Pack system comprises a hydraulic central unit which is placed on a crane. Power Pack is used when access to the area to be sheet-piled is not easy or the operation must be done from a considerable distance.
  The Hammer system uses the hydraulic elevation of a mass which is then released to hit the top of the sheet-piling. It is used when the land is very hard or clayey. The hammer can be suspended from a crane or installed on one of our Mobile-Rams. The height to which the mass is raised and the speed at which the sheet-piling is hit depends on the type of land.

HYDRO PRESS is an innovative systems for positioning sheet-piling without vibration.

It uses large pistons any extreme pressure. The Sheet-pilings cab be positioned in groups of 3 or 4.

Its contact with the land favours the positioning of the sheet-piling that under pressure. This system id idem for areas next to fragile buildings since it is vibration-free

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